What Can Serenity Do For You?

Serenity Massage Therapy & Spa performs an impressive array of therapeutic massages and are proud to specialize in advanced wellness treatments. Below is a list of our massage therapy & spa services as well as their descriptions so you can find the perfect treatment for you:

Featured Services

Geriatric Massage Therapy

If you suffer from chronic body aches, post surgery ills and require extra care to your body, let Serenity Massage take care of your ailments with our geriatric massage therapy.

Whether it is from post-surgical soreness, joint stiffness, or muscles starting to show their age, we will address your needs with a tailored massage session which will target your specific issue with extra detail and extra care.

// Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage involves using various types of long, pressured strokes to open up tense areas and increases blood flow. This practice reduces pain and joint stiffness and is the preferred method used to increase blood flow in those with poor circulation.

// Rehabilitative Deep Tissue and Soft Tissue

"Release Therapy", Deep Tissue and Soft Tissue therapeutic sessions, can help relieve chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow, firm strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas. These techniques follow the grain or the cross grain of the muscle and is used to soothe pain and stiffness in muscles, tendons, and fascia. This treatment enhances blood supply to the problem areas helping to diminish pain. Therapeutic Medical Massage by our certified Medical massage practitioners provides relief from:

  • - Stress, Fibromyalgia, Auto Injuries, Sciatic Pain, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), Carpal Tunnel, Neck/Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Backache, Pre/Post Natal Discomfort -

// Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy treats acute or chronic pain caused by a strain, sprain, injury, stress, or tension. Neuromuscular therapeutic massages can eliminate or minimize discomfort and even increase flexibility and circulation while it improves your posture, energy, and vitality by addressing the specific trouble areas involved such as muscles, tendons, soft tissue, and ligaments. Moist heat pads or ice treatments are also used (if needed) when providing specific treatments to increase relief and diminish future neuromuscular discomfort.

// Couples Massage Therapy

Relax and unwind together. Our serene Couples Massage is a wonderful way for couples to spend quiet time together, each benefiting from the therapeutic results of massage while experiencing total relaxation, side-by-side. If separate rooms are available if desired.

This intimate setting offers two massage tables, two caring therapists, and one very intimate and relaxing atmosphere. This service can also be customized for mother-daughter, sisters, and friends that just want to spend time together.

// Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage is commonly used by athletes in preparation for workouts and sporting events. It loosens, warms, and prepares muscles for intensive activity. By incorporating assisted stretching, endurance and performance are improved, greatly reducing the chance of injury. Post event massage relieves pain, prevents stiffness, and returns muscles to normal posture. This technique is also used for rehabilitation from injury.

// Prenatal Massage / Postnatal Massage / Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a very special time in life, for you and your loved ones. With the many changes taking place in your body, you deserve to be pampered with our Pregnancy Massage. This massage includes our signature blend of silky massage lotion with special attention given to the belly, low back and feet. Nurturing and soothing, this massage is beneficial throughout the child-bearing year. A pre-natal or post pregnancy massage aids in relief of low back discomfort, eases water retention, improves circulation and helps speed the healing process, leaving the mother feeling relaxed, silky and pampered. This massage provides a custom pregnancy table for the mother-to-be. Good for all stages of a healthy pregnancy.

// Geriatric Massage Therapy

Serenity Massage provides a specialized Geriatric Therapeutic Massage for those who require more sensitive care for their ailments. Geriatric Massage Therapy takes the same massage techniques of our normal therapeutic sessions and tailors it specific to every person. By doing this, we make sure to take extra care with the sensitive areas of your body to target your ailment with a delicate, yet effective therapeutic massage.

// Cancer Massage Treatment / Pre-Surgery / Post-Surgery / Surgery Alternative Treatment

Surgery Alternative Therapy
For many pain and illness are difficult part of life, and for a number of those people, surgery is one alternative to possible relief. For those people, Serenity Massage Therapy & Spa provides alternative solutions to surgery. A number of our most seasoned staff members have excelled in soothing seemingly incurable ailments, thus preventing the need for surgery and giving patients a new found freedom.

Cancer Massage Treatment
A number of our patients have come specifically for cancer massage treatments and have reported improvement with their physical issues, stress, and overall wellbeing. As members in the medical field, we truly care about your welfare and recovery.

Pre-Surgery Massage Therapy
But, if surgery is inevitable, Serenity Massage Therapy & Spa can still provide you with extreme comfort before surgery by tailoring a session to focus on the trouble area and relieve your pain as much as possible.

Post-Surgery Massage Therapy
And if post-surgery woes have got you down, Serenity Massage Therapy & Spa can help you get back to being yourself. Our experienced practitioners will be there for you in your rehabilitation process by providing you with targeted, effective post-surgery massage techniques.

// Shiatsu Massage Therapy (Finger Pressure Massage)

The famous Shiatsu therapeutic massage uses finger pressure on the many known points of acupuncture to open up your body's flow of life energy or chi. This method of massage is used to put your body's life energy back into balance, thus increasing your body's physical efficiency and your overall well-being. It is known to increase your energy, cure headaches, and relieve many forms of stress.

// Ashiatsu Massage Therapy (Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage)

Another well known massage technique is Ashiatsu, the barefoot deep tissue massage. This technique involves your certified massage health specialist standing on your back as they perform a standing deep tissue technique, healing deeply stressed areas and relieving your pain.

// Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages employ the technique of applying hot stones to the back of the patient, thus creating pressure on the back and allowing the heat from the stones to deeply penetrate the muscles and relieve tension. This increases blood circulation and makes you feel calm.

// Body Wraps & Facials (Mud Wraps)

Body wraps are used to relax and soothe the muscles and have a side effect of hydrating, adding youthfulness back into the skin, and weight loss. This spa treatment involves covering areas of the body with mud which will draw the toxins out of the body, making the skin smooth, cleaning out the pores and drawing out impurities.